Bonanza Ag. Society accepting donations for Ukraine – will be matched by Saddle Hills County

As per below, the Bonanza Ag. Society, will be accepting donations for Ukraine and will forward to Saddle Hills County.

Good morning all,

Saddle Hills County Council decided at their regular meeting on March 22nd to extend the County’s support for Ukraine by matching donations of County residents raised through any fundraising activities by County community groups up to a maximum of $100,000.

The total amount of funds brought into the County office by Saddle Hills County community groups before May 17, 2022 will be matched by the County and donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

We will require the donations raised by community groups to be delivered to the County either in cash or by means of a cheque, certified cheque or money order made out to Saddle Hills County.

Mike Archer

Communications Coordinator

Saddle Hills County

780-864-3760 (ext. 116)

780-864-5569 (cell)

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